IIT-B students’ Satellite To Be Launched By ISRO

Pratham Satellite PSLV ISRONEW DELHI – In a delightful new beginning, ISRO is gearing up to launch the Pratham satellite that is designed and built from scratch by the students of IIT Bombay. It will be launched along with 8 other satellites and the list includes ISRO’s weather satellite as well. It was first planned and conceptualized in 2008 in an endeavor to encourage IIT Bombay students to innovate space science and technology. According to ISRO report, Pratham satellite weighs 10 Kilograms and it is designed with precision to fit inside a 30 cms cube. The satellite will have a life span of about 4 months and it will be used for research work of IIT-B students.

The core objective of this project is to empower and encourage IIT students to develop skills required to design and build satellites. All the facilities such as design infrastructure, testing environment, and fabrication were provided to these students to help them build their first ever satellite. This initiative by ISRO to work with an IIT college will help build better collaboration between Indian Universities and ISRO to work together and contribute in space research sector.

Pratham satellite will begin transmitting data when it passes over India to ground station in a university that can detect signals. This students designed satellite is based on four fold acquiring knowledge sharing of the space technology and it is going to extremely beneficial for the development of students’ skills in space research subjects.

The project was funded by IIT-B authorities and space technology assistance was provided by ISRO to build and design the satellite. It’s a proud moment for both IIT-B and ISRO and we can hope for many such projects in near future with collaboration of ISRO with other universities.

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