New Star System With Two Suns Discovered by Hubble Telescope

two stars systemAs far as majority of exoplanetary discoveries are concerned, there are planets discovered orbiting only one star, but it seems to change with the new discovery by Hubble telescope. Recently, NASA discovered some exotic exoplanets that are found to be orbiting two suns (stars) with the help of Hubble Telescope. This is a huge achievement because this is the first time humans have discovered a unique star system in which there are two suns orbited by one or more planets.

Generally Micro-lensing events occur when a gigantic planet, star or astroid passes in front of a distant star in the background and that is what leads to discovery of new start systems. The Hubble Telescope works on the concept of short-lived brightening of the star in the background on based on that it confirms if a planet is orbiting its start.

By combining and analyzing the data provided by Hubble, astronomers in NASA and other space agency have been able to figure out a unique start system that has two suns and planets orbiting them. The start system discovered is approximately 8,000 light-years away from our solar system.

This discovery provides a major breakthrough in search of unique start systems and also provides important data in detection of such exotic systems we aren’t aware of. We humans always thought that there is only one sun that we know, but seems like in near future we will be discovering many more suns and their orbiting planets in the universe.

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