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IIT-B students’ Satellite To Be Launched By ISRO

NEW DELHI – In a delightful new beginning, ISRO is gearing up to launch the Pratham satellite that is designed and built from scratch by the students of IIT Bombay. It will be launched along with 8 other satellites and

New Star System With Two Suns Discovered by Hubble Telescope

As far as majority of exoplanetary discoveries are concerned, there are planets discovered orbiting only one star, but it seems to change with the new discovery by Hubble telescope. Recently, NASA discovered some exotic exoplanets that are found to be

Explore The Awesome View of Saturn’s Rings

This stunning image shows Saturn’s rings making ways for the planet’s moon. The image was taken in July 2016 by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft that is an exploration mission for Saturn and its moon. In the image you can see how