Developed Countries Must Support India For Development: The Sky’s Limit

indian smart citiesIt’s a fact that despite huge population India has, the country still hasn’t contributed that much in global warming causes as much other developed countries has done to reach where they are today. India should be generosity helped by the global community and specially those developed countries to help the country pursue its ambitious development plants and projects. Despite owning the 18% of world’s population, India has cause less harm to the global climate compare to most other countries.

Climate change report published by The Sky’s Limit recently stated that, “It should be acknowledged as a fact that india has causes less harm to earth’s climate compared to other developed countries despite owning a massive population. India is a developing counties and it still account for only 3% of global CO2 emissions.

India is world’s youngest country with average population age under 35 years and therefore it has un urgent need for economic development. Currently India has per capita GDP of just $1700 which is extremely low given the population and immense potential the country owns.

Therefore, many believe that with good justification, it is unfair to expect a country like India to take all the burden of global warming and restrict its development project to contribute in climate change efforts of the world. The solution to this could a generous support package provided by developed countries to help India build its infrastructure with clean and renewable energy.

India must be provided the technology and financial support to walk on the path of low carbon emitting development process to contribute with the global community and also help build its economy and infrastructure simultaneously.

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